Monitoring Data from Remote. Cooperate with Home Automation System.

This is a device that measures pulse rate, SpO2 oxygen saturation, and body temperature. Each measured data is automatically sent to a home automation system, allowing remote monitoring of the user's condition. In addition, according to the rules set by the home automation system, the data values can be used to trigger coordinated actions with other devices and functions. For example, if the SpO2 oxygen saturation falls below 93%, the built-in SIP server of the home automation system can immediately call registered users to alert them of the abnormal situation (various coordinated actions can be performed based on the detected data and the set rules).

  • Multi-user (ID) support: up to 10 people (switch to switch, double-click to reset)
  • WiFi manager: long press the switch to switch to access point mode (network/MQTT settings)
  • Sleep function: sleeps after 60 seconds (returns to normal with a switch press)
  • Power supply: AC100V/DC12V
  • Measured data: body temperature, ambient temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate



Health Check Device(Pulse Oximeter)


Measuring Body Temp, SpO2, and Heart Rate


Health Check Device
SpO2, Heart Rate, Body Temp

This device supports multiple IDs, which can be allocated to each user or used by a single user for different time periods. The time progression of each data can be confirmed through graph display. By setting up home automation rules, it is possible to perform coordinated actions with other functions or devices, such as making a call or sending an email in case of abnormalities, or flashing LED lights.

WiFi Manager on the web browser for registration

To register the device on the WiFi and MQTT network, you can access the WiFi Manager of the device from a mobile or PC terminal. During the initial start-up, you will need to enter your home WiFi access point and password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) and port, and MQTT topic.


Network and MQTT Settings on WiFi Manager


Confirm The User Status

We remotely monitor data obtained from each user, and configure rules for the system through this system.


 Each of user ID data is displayed on the mobile device


Development Process(Japanese only)

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