Hardware and Software Design

Using microcontroller boards such as Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi, a home server can be built and used as a gateway for a home automation system. Various sensor units such as temperature and humidity sensors, LED lighting, audio equipment, and curtain opening and closing units can be remotely monitored and controlled within the same network.

With the timer and trigger functions of this home automation system, various automation and security systems can be realized, such as turning devices on/off at any time and interoperation with other devices.

At FICUSONLINE, we not only plan, design, and manufacture the devices that make up these systems, but also design the system itself including web-based front-end development.

Home Automation Frontend

This is a list of completed (some are still in development) prototype projects:

  • Dimmable LED lighting
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor device
  • Security device
  • Internet radio
  • IP phone system
  • Web-based interface (compatible with PC, Android, and iOS)
  • Door and window open/close detection sensors
  • Infrared controller
  • Automated curtain opening/closing system (under development)
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Image mapping-based autonomous driving system (under development)

Using Raspberry Pi and various open source projects, inexpensive and high-performance IoT projects can be realized.

The website construction (web server construction and web design) has been done by one person, and project participants and collaborators are currently being recruited.

If you have any questions, requests, or inquiries regarding this website, please refer to the Questions/Requests/Inquiries page and contact us.

F9E also accepts the following job:
  1. Design and develop the web frontend using Laravel or Symfony PHP framework.
  2. Install WEB and SIP server into the cloud service (Google, Amazon).
  3. Design and develop MCU embedded hardware and firmware coding (Arduino, C++).

F9E Site Administrator

Takanobu Fuse (布施隆信)

Takanobu Fuse, born in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, studied mechanical engineering and architecture (entered university with an interest in design) at university. He has worked in development and design at a domestic precision equipment manufacturer, a US West Coast venture company, and a local subsidiary in China (manufacturing industry). Currently, he is developing various gadgets for both pleasure and practical use. His hobbies include walking (or traveling?), watching BBC, and his favorite song is "Ye Lai Xiang" sung by Teresa Teng.

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