What's enabled with Open Source?

Open Source

FICSUONLINE leverages the power of open source to drive innovative system development and IoT device creation. We work as part of the community, sharing knowledge and passion, and collaborating on technical projects that shape the future.

Open Source Philosophy

We believe in the value of open source. The free sharing of code and ideas fuels innovation and fosters the evolution of sustainable technology. At FICSUONLINE, we respect the principles of open source and collaborate with developers worldwide to advance projects.

System Development

At FICSUONLINE, we focus on system development that combines flexibility and robustness. We utilize open source tools and frameworks to deliver innovative and effective solutions. Our projects strive for a flexible approach to business challenges and outstanding performance.

IoT Device Development

To pave the way for future technology, FICSUONLINE invests in IoT device development. We use open source approaches in sensor technology, communication protocols, and device management to offer smart solutions. We're paving the way for the future, including sustainable energy management and smart city development.

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Takanobu Fuse, born in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Studied mechanical engineering and architecture (with a focus on design) at university. Engaged in development and design work at domestic precision equipment manufacturers, US West Coast venture companies, and local companies (manufacturing) in China (Shenzhen, Dongguan). Currently, developing various gadgets as a hobby and for practical use. Enjoys walking (traveling?), watching BBC, and favorite song is "Ye Lai Xiang" sung by Teresa Teng.

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