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Install Home Assistant, a web server, MQTT broker, etc., for the home automation system on cloud or on-premises local machines, Raspberry Pi, or other microcontroller boards to serve as the hub of the home automation system, acting as the gateway. Place various sensor devices, LED lighting, actuators, and other peripheral devices on the same network as the gateway, and coordinate their operations through the gateway. Optionally, the gateway can be equipped with functions such as SIP-VoIP telephony and surveillance cameras.

Communication between the gateway and each device is carried out using the MQTT protocol. This is a lightweight communication method that ensures communication guarantee and security through open source. Mosquitto is adopted as the MQTT broker.

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System Structure

System Management

Home Assistant

Framework for home automation systems. It allows for extension through scripting, various rule settings, and monitoring/operation of devices via smartphone or PC screens.


Core Device

Various devices are monitored and controlled through the gateway, which serves as the core of the system. Additionally, for use as a security system, a SIP client capable of remote operation is installed.

Multi Functional LED

Various Lighting Modes

A multifunctional LED lighting system with microcontroller and wireless control capabilities, capable of various lighting modes such as timer-based illumination and flashing, enabled through integration with sensor devices within the Home Assistant network.

Motion Sensor

Detecting Human Motion

This sensor device incorporates radar motion sensors, tilt sensors, and other components. It plays a crucial role in building security systems.

Weather Station

Monitor Temp & Humid

This sensor device is equipped with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors. It outputs indoor temperature, humidity, and pressure data every minute. It can also be installed in vehicles or outdoors using battery operation (optional).

Health Check

Biological Information Monitor

This device measures oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and body temperature. The measurement data is automatically transmitted to and processed by the gateway, providing immediate alerts for abnormalities.

Third-Party Devices

Other Supported Devices

The following third-party devices and other MQTT devices from different manufacturers can also be centrally managed by Home Assistant.

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