Core Device

The gateway, serving as the hub for home automation, adopts either Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi. The following open-source software will be installed to build the system:

  • Lighttpd: Web server
  • Home Assistant: Home automation framework
  • Linphone: VoIP telephone using SIP protocol
  • Mosquitto: MQTT broker
  • LIRC: Infrared remote control
  • VLC: Media player

Additionally, features such as internet radio (e.g., Radiko) will be integrated, with control achieved through the Home Assistant frontend or via infrared remote control.

Gw 005


Home Assistant

"Home Assistant" is adopted as the home automation system installed on the gateway. It allows for the management of the entire system through a web frontend. Being web-based, it is independent of the operating system of the device, enabling status checking and operation of devices from browsers on various OSes such as macOS, Windows, iPhone, Android, etc.

Router Function

DHCP Server

The WiFi connection setup between the gateway and commercial routers can be easily done through a web browser on a PC or mobile device. Even in the absence of a commercial router, the home automation system can still be used within the LAN by utilizing this gateway (with router functionality).


SIP Client

Linphone installed on the gateway functions as a fixed IP telephone, allowing users to make and receive calls to and from external mobile devices equipped with Linphone service. This service is free of call charges and registration fees. Linphone's functionality can be integrated into the rules of home automation, enabling coordinated actions with other devices such as alarms and notifications during abnormal situations. It can be operated via IR remote control, PC, or mobile devices.

VLC Media Player

Play Stream

You can use pre-registered internet radio services, including Radiko, to listen to music, news, etc. from around the world. Similar to Linphone operation, volume adjustment and channel selection can be done through the web frontend on a PC or mobile device, or via an IR remote control.