Health Check Device

Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Rate, and Body Temperature Measurement

This device measures pulse rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and body temperature. The measured data is automatically sent to the home automation system, allowing users to remotely monitor their conditions. Additionally, according to rules set in the home automation system, it can trigger coordinated actions with other devices or functions based on the data values. For example, if the oxygen saturation drops below 93%, the home automation system integrated with a SIP server can immediately call registered users to notify them of the abnormal situation (rules based on detected data can lead to various coordinated actions).

  • Multi-user (ID) support: Up to 10 users (switch to toggle, double-click to reset)
  • WiFi manager: Long press switch to access point mode (for network and MQTT settings)
  • Sleep function: Sleeps after 60 seconds (resume with switch press)
  • Power: AC100V/DC12V
  • Measured data: Body temperature, ambient temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate

Hcd Checking

Health Check Device

Health Check

SpO2, Heart Rate, Body Temp

Multi-ID support allows for various applications such as assigning IDs to each user or allowing a single user to use multiple IDs based on time slots. Time trends of each data can be visualized through graph displays. Setting rules in home automation allows for coordinated actions such as making calls or sending emails during abnormal situations, or flashing LED lighting in coordination with other functions or devices.

Health Check Device

WEB Frontend

Network Registration via WiFi Manager

Registration to WiFi and MQTT networks is done from a mobile or PC terminal. Upon initial boot, access the device's WiFi Manager and input your home WiFi access point and password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) and port, and MQTT topic. Transition to Access Point mode is achieved by long-pressing the device's switch, and WiFi settings can be modified later.

Hcd Ap Mode

Status Confirmation

Remote monitoring of data obtained from each user is conducted. Additionally, all rule settings are managed within this system.

Hass Hcd