Motion Sensor

Security Device

By incorporating the output values of various sensors such as switches, tilt sensors, and motion sensors (such as radar Doppler sensors) into the configuration rules of the home automation system, a series of actions involving the control of other devices, email sending, making phone calls, etc., becomes possible. In rule settings, it is possible to specify not only the output values of individual sensors as conditions but also combinations of output values from various sensors. It can be installed in a car interior using a car battery (12V) and used as a theft or vandalism prevention device with the tilt sensor.

Motion Rader

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

The device incorporates multiple sensors such as tilt sensors, motion sensors, and switches. Utilizing radar Doppler effects, it can detect motion, even through wooden doors or glass windows. This is particularly useful for security purposes, such as warning about intruders during absence via motion sensors, preventing theft or mischief through tilt sensors, and notifying about visitors or guests.

Motion Sensor

WEB Frontend

Registering to the network via WiFi Manager

Registration to the WiFi and MQTT networks is performed from a mobile device or PC terminal. Upon initial startup, access the device's WiFi Manager and input the home WiFi access point and password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) and port, and MQTT topic.

Motion Wm

Sensor status verification

You can check the status of various sensors, their operational history, and automation events triggered by sensors.

Hass Motion