Weather Station

Monitoring Temp, Humidity and Pressure

This device measures temperature, humidity, and pressure. Each measurement value is sent to the gateway via the MQTT protocol. It operates in sleep mode when not updating data every minute, making continuous operation possible with an external battery. With battery operation, it can be placed in any location indoors or outdoors.

Ws Ver2

Weather Station

Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure sensor.

Installed in various locations such as indoors or on the balcony, this sensor provides output values used for tasks like air conditioning control, watering plants, or bringing in laundry based on the readings. The temperature, humidity, and pressure trends displayed on the automation system's interface can be utilized to make predictions about future weather conditions.

Weather Station

WEB Frontend

Registering to the network via WiFi Manager

Registration to the WiFi and MQTT networks is performed from a mobile device or PC terminal. Upon initial startup, access the device's WiFi Manager and input the home WiFi access point and password, MQTT broker address (gateway address) and port, and MQTT topic.

Ws Wm

Temperature and Humidity Data Trends, Current Output Value Confirmation

On the main screen, you can display current temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude data, etc. You can also display graphs on a separate screen. Based on the temperature and humidity data values, you can control other devices.

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